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Learn more about workspaces and how to use them

19 articles
Introducing Document ChatLearn how you to talk to documents in Kodexa
Introducing the Document SidecarLearn to work with the sidecar for labeling and review
Introducing WorkspacesLearn how Workspaces are a key part of Kodexa
Introducing the Execution ViewExploring the Execution View in Kodexa: Navigating the World of Assistants and Pipelines
Document TagsLearn how you can use document tags to manage your workflow
How to Export Extracted Data to ExcelLearn how you can download your data to Microsoft Excel with ease
Using FormulaLearn how you can build formula in your data definitions
Labeling, Chats and GuidanceLearn about some of the concepts and drive the way you work with Kodexa
Defining your DataLearn how you can define data in Kodexa
Normalizing your DataLearn the concepts and approaches to normalizing your data
Understanding AI AccuracyLearn how AI responses need to be reviewed and how to use attribution
Introducing Label PropertiesLearn how assistants have label properties and how to use them
Understanding ExceptionsLearn the concepts behind exceptions in Kodexa
Navigating using LabelsLearn how you can quickly filter and navigate using labels
Understanding ConnectionsLearn more about connections and subscriptions for Assistants
Learning about AI CreditsUnderstanding how AI credits work in Kodexa
Helping AI understand your dataLearn how you can help AI understand more and get data right
Introducing Data FormsLearn the concepts behind data forms, prebuilt forms and beyond
Introducing Document StoresLearn the concepts behind Document Stores and how to work with them